Basin Water Level Monitoring

Managing the quantity of water and minimizing the negative impact from floods, high flows, and droughts is a mission of the VBWD Managers. Collecting water level data helps the Managers make decisions in managing the water levels and floodplains of the VBWD’s water resources. The water level graphs presented in the reports were prepared by the VBWD using the volunteers’ and contractor’s data, and in some cases, additional data from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources database is included.

Basin Water Level Charts with readings through 2017

Basin Water Level Reports

Mr. Charles Taylor of the Citizens Advisory Committee reads and records the water levels of several VBWD basins.  He reports his findings in tabular form and the VBWD uses his data to prepare the charts included in the link above.  Mr. Taylor's monthly reports, and tables of the water levels read by Ramsey County Public Works at Silver Lake, are posted below.

2018 Basin Water Level Reports