Valley Creek Ravine Stabilization Project

The VBWD received funds from the 2013 Clean Water Assistant Grant (Clean Water Fund (CWF)) to complete the Valley Creek Infiltration and Ravine Stabilization projects. The grant funds, in combination with local match funds from the VBWD, was used to construct several ravine stabilization projects in the Valley Creek watershed (Afton, MN), originally identified as part of the VBWD Valley Creek erosion inventory study. The goals of these projects are to minimize sediment erosion in the ravine adjacent to Valley Creek, protect trout stream habitat in Valley Creek, and reduce the sediment and phosphorus loads to Lake St. Croix.

The first project included ravine stabilization measures in upper portion of Ravine 2 west to Valley Creek, including the installation of log and rock check dams and cedar pilings to stabilize the bed materials of the ravine. This portion of the project was constructed in 2015. This stabilization project was expanded to include the portion of Ravine 2 west downstream of the project completed in 2015 after being approached by the downstream landowner in late 2015. The landowner was interested in working with the VBWD to implement ravine stabilization measures on their property, and since there were sufficient grant funds remaining to complete the design and construction, the grant was extended and the construction of the ravine stabilization measures in the lower part of the ravine were completed in 2016. Techniques similar to those used in the upstream ravine stabilization were used.

The second stabilization project included addressing erosion issues near the head of a ravine near the intersection of 30th Street and Trading Post Trail. This project included the installation of a concrete manhole drop structure around three (3) existing culverts at the head of the ravine to provide energy dissipation, installation of a surface channel lined with turf reinforcement mat to convey any surface overflows from the roadway, and construction of an energy dissipation basin at the discharge from the pipe and surface channel. This project was constructed in 2015.

The following table summarizes the CWF amount, the VBWD local match funds, and the total project budget:


Budgeted Amount

% of Budget Spent
(Final as of December 2016)

Clean Water Grant



VBWD Match Funds



Total Project Budget



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