Permit Fee and Surety Schedule 
Updated July 6, 2004

In June 2004 the Board of Managers adopted a revised permit fee schedule.  The procedure for submittal of a Valley Branch Watershed District Permit Application shall be as follows:

1. Permit Application/Inspection Fee

The amount of the permit application/inspection fee is set by the Managers annually. Each permit application/inspection fee is kept in an individual escrow account. Any costs incurred by the District greater than the escrow balance will be billed to the applicant. Any unused portion of the escrow balance will be returned to the applicant. The permit application/inspection fee will range according to the following schedule. 

VBWD Fee Schedule



Land Alterations

Activities such as grading or filling, which remove or cover surface vegetation of 1 acre or more. (Section VI., Subd. 2.A of the Rules)

Disturbed Site < 1 acre


1 acre ≤ Disturbed Site < 5 acres


5  ≤ Disturbed Site < 20 acres


Disturbed Site ≥ 20 acres


Impervious Surface Creation 

Includes roads, parking lots, future homes and driveways, etc. (Section VIII., Subd. 2.B of the Rules)

6,000 square feet


Each addition square foot


Work Below the Established 100-Year Flood Level of a Basin or Stream, if not included in other activity

(Section V., Subd. 2.B of the Rules)



All Projects Resulting in a Discharge of Municipal or Industrial Water or Wastewater to a Surface Water Drainage System

(Section VIII., Subd. 2.A of the Rules)



Sites with Wetlands

(Section IX of the Rules)

Wetlands Present but No Impacts

$1,000 plus 

$100/acre of wetland

Wetlands Present with Wetland Alterations Proposed (but no Replacement needed) and Monitoring needed

$1,000 plus 

$100/acre of wetland plus

$3,000 for mitigation monitoring

Wetlands Present with Proposed Impacts and Replacement Needed

$1,000 plus 

$100/acre of wetland plus

$5,000/acre of wetland impact plus

$5,000 for mitigation monitoring 

Creating a Wetland Bank 


Fees are the cumulative amount of all applicable activities.
Fees are double for after-the-fact permits.
Any costs incurred by the VBWD greater than the fee deposit balance will be billed to the permit holder.
Any unused portion over $500 of the fee deposit balance will be returned to the permit holder when the VBWD Board determines that the project has been completed under the conditions of the approved permit.

2. Cash Surety Deposit

The Managers will determine a cash surety amount in addition to the permit application/inspection fee. The amount of the surety will be in accordance with the following guidelines. The Managers may waive the cash surety requirement in some instances.

VBWD Surety Schedule


Performance Surety Amount

Land Alteration


Stormwater Management Facilities

125% of estimated construction cost, to be determined by the permit applicant and approved by the District Engineer

Wetland Replacement

150% of the estimated construction cost of the replacement wetland

The surety deposit is the cumulative amount for each applicable activity.
The minimum surety is $5,000.
The Managers may waive the cash surety requirement in some instances.

The permit application/inspection fee and cash surety deposit may be in one check. All checks should be payable to the Valley Branch Watershed District.