VBWD Owned Parcels For Sale

The Valley Branch Watershed District (“VBWD”) owns various parcels in the Sunnybrook Lake neighborhood in Grant. The VBWD is currently accepting offers on certain parcels it owns. Below is a map of the parcels owned by the VBWD. Following the map is a list of the parcels by PID and information on each.

The VBWD is accepting offers on a rolling basis. The Managers meet every second and fourth Thursday of the month. If you wish to make an offer, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the PDF Purchase Agreement for the parcel you wish to purchase.
  2. Fill in the “Purchase Price” with your offer and sign the Purchase Agreement.
  3. Return the Purchase Agreement and deliver the earnest money to Galowitz Olson, PLLC, c/o Laurann Kirschner. Purchase Agreements may be emailed to laurann@galowitzolson.com. Earnest money checks should be payable to “St. Croix Title.”

Please note the Purchase Agreements do include a 30-day due-diligence period, wherein the buyers have an opportunity to inspect the parcel. Please direct any questions to Laurann Kirschner at (612) 405-7864 or laurann@galowitzolson.com

Parcels A-H Parcel I

Property PIN Address City Zip Code Buildable? VBWD will be completing minor site restoration work by June 1? Link to Conservation Easement Link to Purchase Agreement


7150 Jocelyn Road N Grant 55082 Yes, if can comply with all applicable rules and ordinances None Needed On Hold On Hold
D 3403021120014
6890 Jocelyn Road N

Grant 55082 No None Needed Property D-CE Property D-PA
E 3403021120003
6782 Jocelyn Road N

Grant 55082 No Yes Property E-CE Property E-PA
F 3403021130005
6738 Jocelyn Road N

Grant 55082 No Yes Property F-CE Property F-PA
G 3403021130004
9653 68th Court N Grant 55082 No. Existing shed remains. Yes Property G-CE Property G-PA
H 3403021110001
6922 Keats Avenue N

Grant 55082 No Yes On Hold On Hold