East Metro Water Resource Education Program (EMWREP)


The East Metro Water Resource Education Program (EMWREP) is a partnership that was formed in 2006 to develop and implement a comprehensive water resource education and outreach program for the east metro area of St. Paul, MN. 
The purpose of the shared education program is to provide education about the impacts of non-point source pollution on local lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and groundwater resources and to engage people in projects that will help to protect and improve water quality in the region. In addition to educating the public, EMWREP also provides training for city, county and watershed staff and local elected officials.
EMWREP is guided by a steering committee comprised of representatives from each of the 24 partner organizations. The committee generally meets twice a year to provide recommendations on the program budget and activities. The EMWREP coordinator communicates regularly with partner staff, council members and board members; prepares an annual report on program activities; provides outreach data and statistics for partners’ MS4 Permit reports; and communicates one-on-one with individual partners on projects throughout the year. 

East Metro Water Resource Education Program

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