Vision and Mission

The Valley Branch Watershed District Vision:
Always be careful stewards of the water resources within our watershed boundaries through the coordinated efforts of the district, its communities, and residents.

The Valley Branch Watershed District Mission:
The VBWD Board of Managers has established a mission to guide its actions in achieving its vision and fulfilling the responsibilities of watershed districts as identified in Minnesota Statutes. 

The VBWD mission includes: 

To manage and protect our water resources within the limits of VBWD jurisdiction: lakes, ponds, creeks, streams, wetlands, drainages, and groundwater by: 
A. Promoting communication and collaboration with our residents, communities, and pertinent governmental units. 
B. Improving and protecting the quality of surface water and groundwater resources. 
C. Managing the quantity of water and minimizing the negative impact on the VBWD from floods, high flows, and droughts. 
D. Understanding and responding to the effects of community growth and related activities on groundwater and surface water resources. 
E. Preserving and enhancing the quantity and quality of wetlands.
F. Educating and inspiring our residents, communities, and governmental units to participate in the protection and improvement of water resources.