Best Management Practices (BMP) Grant Program


Valley Branch Watershed District's Best Management Practices (BMP) Grant Program

The Valley Branch Watershed District (VBWD) Best Management Practices (BMP) Grant Program provides grants for stewardship, native plants, and communities. The Stewardship Grant provides technical assistance and up to $2,500 per pound of phosphorus (up to a maximum of $5,000) treated or retained on site by implementing a BMP project to improve surface water quality of our lakes, streams, and wetlands. Experts in erosion, landscaping, and water quality issues help individuals plan and implement projects such as shoreline stabilization, gully repairs, raingardens, and more. In return for the assistance, the landowner must maintain the constructed improvements for a minimum of five years. For basic habitat enhancement projects, please refer to the Native Plant Grant Program. For municipal and multi-landowner projects, please refer to the Community Grants Program. Projects must be completed within one year of approval to receive a grant. Approved programs not completed may apply for a one year extension by submitting a Grant Program Extension form. 

Cost Share Program Policies

Please contact Tara Kelly at 651-330-8220 x43 or for details.  Below are the application forms. 

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