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                                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS




            Figure        Location and Communities, Valley Branch Watershed District (.PDF, 500 kb)





Part I - 2009 Organization and Budget Information


   A.        Board of Managers

   B.         District Information

   C.        2009 Administrative Budget

   D.        Technical/Advisory Committee


Part II - 2009 Valley Branch Watershed District Goals and Initiatives


Part III - Projects and Activities Initiated by the Board of Managers in 2009

Figure III-1  District Projects Completed in 2009 (.PDF, 276 kb)

Figure III-2  BMP Cost Share Project Map (.PDF, 621 kb)


    1.        Citizens Advisory Committee

    2.        Communications Plan

    3.        Volunteer Recognition

    4.        Community Plan Reviews

    5.        Valley Creek Plan and Stabilization Projects

    6.        Raleigh Creek Stabilization Project

    7.        BMP Cost Share Program  

    8.        Special Incentive BMP Program

    9.        Invasive Species Investigation and Implementation

  10.        Wetland Inventory and Assessment

  11.        Silver Lake Aquatic Plant Management

  12.        BMP's at Highway 36-Interstate 694 Interchange

  13.        Long Lake and Sunfish Lake Water Quality Improvement Projects

  14.        Eagle Point Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Lake DeMontreville Water Quality Improvement Projects

  15.        Stormwater Pond Inventory and Maintenance

  16.        Eagle Point Lake Dam Revegetation

  17.        DeMontreville Ravine Stabilization

  18.        Long Lake, Goetschel Pond and Goose Lake Ravine Stabilization Projects

  19.        Silver Lake Ravine Stabilization

  20.        Inspections, Operations, Monitoring, Permitting, and Reporting Programs

  21.        Manager Workshops

  22.        Rule Revisions

  23.        East Metro Watershed Education Programs

  24.        Performance Review and Assistance Program

  25.        Boundary Changes

  26.        Written Communication/Information Program


Part IV - District Permit Review Program

      Permits Issued in 2009

      Table IV-1    Valley Branch Watershed District Permits Issued in 2009 (.PDF, 38 kb)

      Figure IV-1  Permit Issued in 2009 (.PDF, 651 kb)


Part V-2010 Valley Branch Watershed District Goals and Initiatives


Part VI -2010 Organization and Budget Information


   A.        Board of Managers

   B.        Official Bank and Newspapers

   C.        2010 Budget

   D.        Plan Implementation Status

               Table VI-1  Status of Implementation Program (.PDF, 82 kb)

               Table VI-Status of Implementation Program (.PDF, 173 kb)







Part I - VBWD Investigations and Studies


      Basin Water Level Program

      Water Quality Monitoring Program

      Groundwater Level Observation Program

      Precipitation Data

      Project 1007, Olson Lake Estates Outlet, and Dam Inspections


Part II - Review of Actions Initiated By Others


      Flood Levels

      Wetland Impacts

      Erosion and Sediment Control and Water Quality Effects

      Effect of Development on Downstream Property

      Development Compatibility with Water                             

      Management Plan and Rules and Regulations


      Administrative Services

List of Appendices


Appendix A         Photos of Select BMP Projects (.PDF, 1,307 kb)

Appendix B          East Metro Water Resources Education Program 2009 Annual Report (.PDF, 545 kb)

Appendix C         BWSR Performance Review and Assistance Program Summary (.PDF, 49 kb)

Appendix D         Lake Level Program (.PDF, 1.5 MB)

Appendix E          Water Quality Program (.PDF, 1.7 MB)

Appendix E     Lake, Pond, and Wetland Water Quality Data

                             Acorn (Mud) Lake         Acorn Lake Historical Data

                             Bay Lake                         Bay Lake Historical Data  

                             Beutel Pond                    Beutel  Pond Historical Data

                             Capaul's Pond                Capaul's Pond Historical Data

                             Clear Lake (North)        Clear Lake (North) Historical Data

                             Clear Lake (South)        Clear Lake (South) Historical Data

                             Cloverdale Lake            Cloverdale Lake Historical Data   

                             Lake Demontreville       Lake Demontreville Historical Data

                             Downs Lake                   Downs Lake Historical Data

                             Eagle Point Lake            Eagle Point Lake Historical Data

                             Lake Edith                      Lake Edith Historical Data  

                             Lake Elmo                      Lake Elmo Historical Data

                             Fahlstrom Pond (East)  Fahlstrom Pond (East) Historical Data

                             Fahlstrom Pond (West) Fahlstrom Pond (West) Historical Data

                            Goetschel Pond               Goetschel Pond Historical Data

                            Goose Lake (North)        Goose Lake (North) Historical Data

                            Goose Lake (South)        Goose Lake (South) Historical Data

                            Horseshoe Lake              Horseshoe Lake Historical Data

                            Lake Jane                        Lake Jane Historical Data

                            Klawitter Pond               Klawitter Pond Historical Data

                            Kramer Pond                  Kramer Pond Historical Data

                            Legion Pond                   No Historical Data

                            Long Lake                      Long Lake Historical Data

                            McDonald Lake             McDonald Lake Historical Data  

                            Lake Olson                     Lake Olson Historical Data

                            Rest Area Pond              Rest Area Pond Historical Data

                            Rose Lake (North)          Rose Lake (North) Historical Data           

                            Rose Lake (South)          Rose Lake (South) Historical Data

                            Silver Lake                      Silver Lake Historical Data

                            Sunfish Lake                   Sunfish Lake Historical Data

                            Sunnybrook Lake           Sunnybrook Lake Historical Data

                            Weber Pond                    Weber Pond Historical Data

                            West Lakeland Site        West Lakeland Site Historical Data 


Appendix F     Groundwater Observation Wells

                            Table F-1 2009 Groundwater Elevation Data

                            Figure F-1 Groundwater Contours 2009 Groundwater Level Monitoring


Appendix G   Precipitation Data

                            2009 Monthly Precipitation Distribution

                            2009 Monthly Precipitation Data-Citizens Monitoring Station and MSP Airport

                            2009 Cumulative Precipitation